Teacher Assistants

Ari Yustiaringi

Ari-YustiaringiAri Yustiaringi has been working at ISB Since August, 2006. She has taken the role as a playgroup teacher and assistant teacher of Early Learning Center for 3 years, and now she is a Support Teacher in ELC 1 and 2 classes. She taught at Madania School and Kinderfield Preschool in Bogor back in 2004. She graduated from a private University in Jakarta and majored in Tourism. She always been interested in working with children and enjoys the challenge of teaching. Her experiences have provided her with a good understanding of teaching, a strong sense of responsibility and a positive attitude. She is also a fast learner and a self-starter.


Hhandayaniandayani has been joined ISB since January 2014. She graduated from a private university in Jakarta. Her teaching journey was started in 2005 when she joined with Indonesia Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten. She also taught in Aljabr Islamic School in 2011. She has been attending some workshops that give her benefits in dealing with young learners. She loves listening to music, books and visiting museum during her free time.

Hasanah Sarkaya

Hasanah Sarkaya is currently a Teacher Aide in grade 3-5 and has been working in ISB since February 1992. She has been working in all different classes starting from Pre-School to High School levels. She graduated from secretarial school in Jakarta in 1983. Since she joined ISB she has been attending different teacher trainings and workshops. She enjoys working at ISB. Hasanah likes the atmosphere  and the opportunity to get involved with the students from different countries.

Mersy Subur

Mersy-SuburMersy is a Teacher Assistant in Grade 1-2 class, working with Mr Jim Anderson. Besides carrying out classroom duties, she is also a Coordinator of Co-Curricular and After School Activities She has been working at ISB since 2000 with different age groups of students. Before working at ISB, she worked as a teacher at an International School in Jakarta. She graduated from a secretarial academy and continued her education in Early Childhood Education. Mersy enjoys and loves working with children.

S. Ratnawaty

S. Ratnawaty grew up in Jakarta but is originally from Sumatra. She graduated from a private university in Jakarta majoring in Literature in 1997. After that, she also took a secretarial course. Ibu Nana as she is fondly called by students had an opportunity to work in Dupont as a part-time employee and one of her responsibilities was to look for funding the scholarship program of the company. In 2001, she moved to Bogor to work in ISB as a Teacher Aide and assisted many different classes and students in different age ranges over the years. She is currently working with the Reception -ELC3 class. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, and travelling. She also enjoys arts and crafts.

Ibu Nana has been working in ISB for the last twelve years and she still enjoys the opportunity of working with the international community.


Selvi Novalianti

Selvi Novalianti is an Indonesian who has been working in ISB for 8 years. She has a range experiences working with different age groups of students. She worked with the Middle School when she first came to ISB. She has worked with the preschool students up to Grade 4 since then. Selvi graduated from a private University in Jakarta and majored in English Literature in 2003. She taught English for elementary students in public elementary school in Bogor for almost two years. She dedicates herself to the school and is willing to work hard with children. She always try her best to be an excellent teacher or teacher aide.