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The Intercultural School of Bogor was originally founded in 1974 as the Bogor Expatriate School (BES) to educate children of the international community. Thanks to new regulations, in 1998 we opened our doors to Indonesian families and changed our name to reflect the truly multicultural learning environment that we provide.

ISB became a member of the East Asian Regional Conference of Schools (EARCOS) in 1976 and in the same year was registered as a Yayasan. As a non-profit organization, the school is governed and administered by a 3-tier board of directors consisting of present and past members of the school community, thereby ensuring that the interests of the children and the school are always at the forefront of the agenda.

The Board is charged with the responsibility of governing the school and appointing the Head of School, while the Head of School manages the day to day running of the school and hires and leads the school staff.

History_assembly83Teaching is in English, with additional language lessons in Indonesian and Mandarin. Enrollments are taken throughout the year where spaces are available.

ISB is an active member of JASIS – the Java Association of Small International Schools, enabling students to participate in sporting, cultural and social events with other international schools in the country.