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Dear ISB Community,

Sadly, this will be my last official written communication to you as ISB Principal.  The year for me has gone by tremendously fast, and it still feels like I have just arrived in Bogor.  Even though my stay was shorter than I had originally anticipated, I am thankful and appreciative of the support I have received from the ISB Board as well as all staff, students and parents in the ISB community.  I will always remember my year in Bogor as a positive and eye-opening exposure to a beautiful culture and country.  Thank you to all of you for making me feel welcome!  While I don’t want to start naming the long list of individuals who have had a positive effect on me this past year, I do want to mention that ISB has a tremendous “backbone” in Ibu Dewi, Ibu Melanie and Ibu Rina in the school office.  I’ve honestly not seen many schools where the principal teaches full time, and believe me it would not be possible to do so without these three ladies on our team.  Please continue to treat them well.

I wish all of you well, and want to encourage you to remember that nearly everyone in the world agrees that small community oriented schools are best, and that they develop confident, intelligent and successful global citizens.  Keep on doing more of this, ISB.

I will be returning to Canada next week to handle some family affairs that require my personal presence and attention.  I will certainly follow the adventures of ISB closely, probably on Facebook!  I am confident that under the leadership of Ms. Donna Bloor, the school will continue to thrive and be a special place for students and families who are looking for a supportive, community environment for their children and family.  ISB is indeed a special place, and I wish you all the very best.


 Michael Donaldson

Head of School

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