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Date: January 22, 2018 Author: The Intercultural School Categories: Uncategorized

miriam 4x6Miriam Shah

Early Learning Center Coordinator and Early Years Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Study Program Childhood Studies






Ms. Miriam began her Early Years career in the United Kingdom teaching and eventually lecturing in her hometown Manchester, England.  In 2012, Miriam embarked on an international teaching journey right here at ISB where she was appointed as ELC Co-ordinator. After just over 4 years of dedicated teaching, Miriam returned home to complete her Masters in Educational Planning, Economics and international Development from University College, London. Before returning to Bogor for the second time, she spent a year teaching a Reception class in Shanghai, China at a Reggio Emilia school.

Ms. Miriam advocates the key to good learning in the Early Years is determined by the quality of relationships with parents and families. She inspires her young students to express their creativity and be leaders in their own learning. Ms. Miriam has a good understanding of working with children and families whom English is a second language

Why ISB? “ISB is a small school with a big heart! It’s hard to find a school with so many unique characteristics among which, the wiliness to go the extra mile for excellence in education provision.”





Early Learning Center Associate Teacher
Bachelor of Education







Ibu Yani’s teaching journey started in 2005 when she graduated from a Jarkata University with a major in English Education. Since then she has gained experience of teaching classes from Pre-school to Grade 3.  Ibu Yani brings a wide range of knowledge and skills to her teaching role at ISB including those based on the Montessori philosophies and the Primary Years Program. She joined our Early Learning Team in 2014.

Ibu Yani’s heart lies with educating young children and being able to share in the joy of their learning and the expression of their ideas and thoughts.  She has a creative imagination and can often be spotted deeply engrossed in a dramatic role-play scenario with a group of students.

She enjoys reading, cooking and sewing during her spare time.  Her creative talents are often called on in the Early Learning Center to design and make new costumes for the role-play area and for our class performances on stage.

Why ISB? “I love how children at ISB have the access, and opportunity, to interact and learn with others from different classes and ages.  At this school it is a pleasure to be able to let children explore and observe nature though our beautiful school environment with trees, birds and other wildlife (we even have a squirrel who visits from time to time). I have discovered that working with our students inspires me to continue my goal of being a life-long learner.”






Early Learning Center Associate Teacher
Bachelor in English Literature







Ibu Selvi has been working in ISB since 2005, she graduated from Gunadarma University and holds a Bachelor Degree of English Literature. Since she joined ISB Selvi has developed a wide range of experiences including working with parents and supporting students through learning and assessments. She is a very energetic and likes to learn new things. She enjoys swimming, sewing, and crochet in her spare time.

Why ISB? “I love working at ISB where the natural environment is easy to access. The ISB community feels like my second family as it is filled by friendly, supportive and caring people.”





Early Learning Center Care Assistant








Ibu Tini has been a very valued member of the ISB staff for over two decades providing her care and assistance to the community here for twenty four years.

Ibu Tini is the glue of the Early Learning Center holding us altogether.  Her care is first to our students to ensure their personal hygiene and health is well maintained throughout the day and that our parents can relax knowing she has their child’s wellbeing as her top priority.  She works in collaboration with our parents and Early Years Teachers to introduce and support the children’s toilet training programs.

Her child centered, playful approach and many years experience of working with young children shines through as she joins the teachers to help support the children’s learning throughout the day.  At the ISB Early Learning Center all members of our staff are involved in the education and growth of our students. Everyone’s thoughts, observations and ideas about the children’s learning are valued and respected.

Ibu Tini meticulously keeps a clean environment for us to work and play in. Without it being in her job description, she also keeps a watchful eye on the Center’s Early Years Teachers who just can’t help but love her cooking skills!

Why ISB? “I am happy at ISB because I am working in an environment supported by friendly and kind people. Being surrounded by our Early Learning students makes me a cheerful and happy person.  Everyday they make me laugh and smile.  I wish for our students to grow in their health, happiness and intelligence”.