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The International Middle Years Curriculum

 The International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is a challenging, engaging, internationally-minded, concept-focused curriculum designed specifically for the unique learning needs for 11-14 year olds. It creates a learning-focused curriculum that helps students make meaning, connect their learning and develop their minds.

Making Meaning
The IMYC helps your students to make meaning of their learning in many ways.
The IMYC is much more than a bunch of good ideas in a framework; it provides students with a rope (the Big Idea) to hold on to as they move from subject to subject coupled with a depth of learning that meets the academic and personal needs of 11 to 14 year olds.
- Emily Porter
Director, IMYC

Each IMYC unit of work follows a conceptual theme – known as the ‘big idea’ – and all subject learning is connected to the big idea, ensuring that there are no isolated learning sessions. The big idea gives purpose and context to student learning and provides a platform to enable deeper learning through relating it to their own real world experiences.

The IMYC is designed around the specific needs of the adolescent brain. Students are provided with opportunities to work with and learn from peers, to lead their own learning and to take risks, to tackle a wide range of self-directed investigation, to experience security and familiarity through a consistent learning process to reflect upon their learning and to connect their learning to the world around them.

Every IMYC unit of work incorporates a personal and global focus that not only helps to develop understanding but also builds international mindedness.

Developing Minds
The IMYC is an enquiry-based curriculum. Individual and collaborative research and recording tasks all linked to the conceptual theme (the big idea) support subject teachers in facilitating student-led, subject-based learning. Learning tasks provide opportunities for students to regularly problem solve, to think creatively, and to develop such personal skills as resilience, communication and adaptability.

Each media project exit point asks students to synthesise their understanding from the unit of work; crystallising what the big idea means to them personally and in a real world context into a media project presentation.  The work in planning and producing these presentations provides opportunities for extensive creative and student-led learning and, as students share in the presentations of their peers, so more new learning and creativity is shared.

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