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Welcome to ISB

Welcome to ISB, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the region wholly committed to providing a truly international education. Established in 1974 we have been the school of choice for expatriate families and since 1998 have welcomed Indonesian families, giving all our students authentic multicultural learning experience.

welcome_bannerOur teachers provide a learning environment that meets the needs of all our learners, from high academic achievers to those who need additional support in their learning.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an internationally-minded curriculum that is used in a number of countries around the world. The goal of the IPC is to nurture a love of learning through a combination of academic, personal and international learning. Children will develop many skills which they will need in order to face the world of tomorrow confidently.

ISB adopted the IPC in 2019 and we form part of a global learning community that use the IPC to improve children’s learning. Children at ISB learns through a series of units of work, of which there are over 130 to choose from. Each unit is carefully selected to meet the needs of our own school community. The units of work have a theme in which children are interested in and relevant to today’s world. Children learn many of the subjects through the theme so that their learning has meaning to them. The units of work have suggested tasks linked to learning objectives however the nature of the curriculum allows staff to be creative and focus upon the needs of our children. The development of skills is a very large part of the IPC; learning activities at ISB have been designed so that our children develop these important lifelong skills. The IPC has a self-review process that sits alongside the curriculum. The core purpose of the self-review is to allow schools to review and improve the way that IPC is delivered in their school. A self-review process in the future could be likely and could be an accredited mastering school in all 9 key areas.

Importantly the IPC has a strong element of internationalism built into each unit of work. Through the curriculum at ISB, we provide opportunities for our children to:

  • Recognise their own culture and have a sense of identity;
  • Be open-minded;
  • Be respectful of other cultures and beliefs;
  • Be aware of and celebrate diversity and commonality;
  • Have respect for and value other people, their ideas and opinions;
  • Be able to communicate (have good interpersonal skills);
  • Be adaptable;
  • Be aware of and show an interest in global issues.

The beating heart of any educational establishment is learning. Learning can take place in many forms – academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our curriculum provides all our children to learn and develop in many ways. Nobody can predict the nature of work and life opportunities that will be available to our children in the future. Indeed many of the jobs of the future do not even exist today. The IPC has a strong focus upon a skills-based approach to prepare all children for the fast-changing world in which they will be living in.

At ISB we encourage active and cooperative learning environment, one that is also personalised, therefore evolving the child to their best potential. Learning is central to all we do. Not only do our staff have a responsibility to ensure that our children learn and develop but we also encourage our children to take responsibility for their own learning.

Parents also play a significant part. As a community school and a non-profit organisation, we ensure that parents and our community is a part of the learning itself. At the start of a unit or work, parents are informed about what their children will be learning and suggest ways in which they can play an active role in their child’s development. Work is celebrated and shared throughout the year with parents and the school community.

Browse through the pages of our website and you will see that we are a unique, small school that promotes academic achievement, community interaction and family involvement. If you want an environment in which you and your child are welcomed into a caring international family, where we treat one another with respect and empathy, and where we value your involvement, this is demanding that they choose us.