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Batik Tradisiku

Date: January 24, 2018 Author: The Intercultural School Categories: Activities



On 21st January ISB was asked, as an international community school, to participate in a fashion show for Batik Tradisiku. Batik Tradisiku wished to show that batik designs are adaptable and versatile in a range of situations and can be worn by everyone. This event was attended by a number of government officials and members of the business community, providing a  wonderful opportunity to showcase our unique school.

ISB students had opportunity open the fashion show, performing traditional music on the gamelan. The children and families participation in the fashion show and the children’s musical performance was warmly received.

After celebrating with the Batik Tradisiku the Intercultural School of Bogor families and friends were featured in a lovely write up in the local  paper, including a friend of the school having her photo on the front page.

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