Grade 5 - 6

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Grade 5 – 6 Class Program

Date: May 11, 2018 Author: The Intercultural School Categories: Grade 5 - 6

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The ISB curriculum is transdisciplinary, so the units of inquiry focus the learning. Grade 5-6 participates in five units of inquiry during the year because we also lead the Exhibition. Everyday the class focuses on the unit of inquiry using a different subject lens including literacy, numeracy, social studies, science, personal social and physical education.

Literacy lessons revolve around different types of communication including listening, speaking, reading, writing and non-verbal communication. Children participate in daily literacy lessons not only to develop language abilities but also to help develop a greater understanding of the central idea for each of the units of inquiry.

Numeracy lessons are usually rooted in problem solving and preparing students for a dynamic, changing world as they move toward becoming adults. Each year students study data handling, measurement, shape and space, pattern and function and number. Links are often made between the numeracy learning and the unit of inquiry. The unit of inquiry enables students to have authentic contexts to apply their numeracy learning.

The units of inquiry are the core of learning. Since they are transdisciplinary (looking at one topic through a variety of subjects), students will have to apply literacy and numeracy skills to real world contexts on a regular basis. The units of inquiry during the year look at a variety of social studies, science and personal social and physical education concepts. Students deepen their understanding of these big concepts through the central ideas and lines of inquiry.

Since Grade 5 is the final year of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at ISB, this class leads the Exhibition. The Exhibition is an opportunity to share all they have learned through their time at ISB with their peers, students at ISB, staff, parents and the greater community. The Grade 5 Exhibition is a celebration of student learning which everyone looks forward to all year long.

Students in this class also attend a variety of specialist subjects which include PE, swimming, music, library and bahasa Indonesia.

This class is supported by a full time classroom teaching assistant.  Every effort is therefore made to ensure that each child receives the individual attention that they need in order to meet their learning capabilities.

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