Curriculum at ISB

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Curriculum at ISB

For 40 years, ISB has had a history of delivering quality schooling and childcare in our community. We recognize that the parent is the child’s first educator and as such we aim to establish good links with parents and families, to ensure the best outcomes for your child. Our teaching methods emphasise key skills for the 21st century, so that our students are able to get ahead in a rapidly changing world.

The curriculum frameworks at ISB are designed with the international student in mind, who may either pursue an international education within Indonesia, or go on to other schools around the world.

We use worldwide standards and internationally recognised approaches to develop students who are flexible enough to adapt to a variety of learning and work environments. We use the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program and the International Middle Years Curriculum to guide and underpin our classroom approaches. The core subjects of mathematics, language arts, science, history and geography are taught in an integrated manner so that in any one lesson many different disciplines might be employed.

ISB students learn to be adaptable and flexible and to think with design in mind. Children of today will need to adapt to unforeseeable changes in the future so our job is to make sure they know how to keep on learning — and make effective and innovative use of what they know — throughout their lives.  

We strongly believe in the need to develop critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills and do our utmost to ensure this happens in every classroom, everyday

Why Choose ISB1

Because our world is increasingly interconnected, through mobility and technology, we nsure that from a very young age, our students develop not only solid academic skills but also the ability to connect with others in a deep and direct way, to understand and respect people from other cultures. There is no doubt that education today is a big challenge yet every day, our teachers and our students here at ISB strive to meet those challenges to ensure success for everyone, no matter where we are in our learning journey.