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Rambutan harvest

Date: February 6, 2018 Author: The Intercultural School Categories: Activities


This interesting, vitamin packed fruit, is part of the green space we have here at that Intercultural School of Bogor. Three enormous trees are found on our tree lined grounds. Each year the trees are loaded with bright red hairy fruit ( “rambutan” is derived from the Malay-Indonesian word  rambut or “hair).

This year we created a community event, where we able to watch the traditional methods of harvesting from the tree tops, gather the fruit as it dropped from the trees and of course, the best bit, eating the rambutan. For those who are new to Indonesia, it provided a wonderful opportunity to sample one of the many tropical fruits found in and around Indonesia and be part of the school family.

By popular demand, we are going to make this an annual event. Looking forward to next season already.

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