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ISB2Cinta Laura Kiehl (Singer-Actress-Model)

I will never forget my time at ISB. I believe it helped me become the individual I am today – viewing the world critically through multiple lenses, continuously striving for perfection and ready to succeed in the competitive world we live in today.

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Sandrayati Fay ( Singer, Musician)

This place truly was a home for me and my family. ISB nurtured my growth in a way that still lives with me today. I was challenged academically yet I feel the main thing that I learned in all my years here was to follow and trust my heart. Our community was so nourishing in this way. Also, still located in such a serene and historical part of Bogor, the trees here were some of my greatest teachers. I am still in touch with all my friends and teachers from ISB. A true home to me…


Iman Suripto – alumni parent

I sent my children to ISB because I wanted to prepare them to compete globally, not just locally



Nadine Thoms

Dear ISB folks!

I’m happy to give you some statements about our ISB time in Bogor.

My two boys started in 3rd grade and in ELC2. My older son Robin already had a good grasp of the English language but his writing was rather poor at the time he starded.  However he improved quickly due to the constant coaching of the two teachers. He also gained a lot of confidence speaking in front of the class and he was given lots of opportunities to perform at assemblies. What I liked a lot about the teaching style at ISB is that the teachers take the students individual personalities in account and promote teamwork and fairness amongst them. Also my younger son who started at the age of three enjoyed his time at ISB a lot. Like his older brother he had many friends from different cultures, which is also true for my husband and me. We are still in contact with many of our ISB friends, who live now in the US, in Canada, in Korea, in Germany, in Bali, in the UK, in Kenya and some in Bogor, too. This experience sure has broadened our minds and brought us friendships we cherish. Because of the many native speakers teaching my boys’ English became much better than mine. Now that we are back in Germany our boys adapted quickly to their new schools with new classmates and challenges. They profit now from the confidence that they gained at ISB and still long for the great time they had in Indonesia. Their English of course is excellent, their teachers are very pleased with their performance and they even still proudly wear their ISB T-Shirts to school occasionally.  “We are ISB!” ;-)

 Hugs from Germany!


Lee Family꿈을 키워주는 학교, 작지만 아름다운 학교 ISB

벌써 7년이나 흘렀습니다. 막 5개월, 27개월 된 아이 둘을 데리고 이 덥고 습한 곳에서 시작된 우리의 낯선 생활은 그리 녹녹치 않았습니다. 말도 통하지 않고 친구 하나 없는 그 외롭고 힘든 시간을 어떻게 상상할 수 있을까요. 그러던 중 알게 된 ISB는 저희에게 단순한 학교만이 아니었습니다. 만2세 ELC1부터 시작된 큰 딸의 ISB 생활은 아이 뿐 아니라 저희 온 가족을 정말 행복하게 변화시켜 주었습니다. 아이들을 자신감있고 당당하게 꿈을 향해 자라도록 가르치는 선생님들의 노력과, 친절하고 따스한 학부모 커뮤니티는 저희에게 많은 인생 친구들을 만들어 주었고, 미래 지향적이고 긍정적인 세계관을 갖게 해주었습니다. 다른 학교에 비해 현저히 작은 학교이지만 저희 두 딸은 이 학교를 너무 사랑합니다. 책을 좋아하는 큰 딸은 영어과외 한번 없이 2학년때부터 ‘해리포터’와 같은 영문 소설을 너무 재밌게 읽고, 영작시를 짓는 문학소녀이고, 작은 아이는 동물 연구가 꿈인 과학 소녀입니다. 교사가 아이 한명 한명의 능력과 꿈을 이해하고, 부족한 부분을 함께 채워주려 애쓰는 학교가 또 어디 있을까요? 학교의 규모가 전부는 아닌 것 같습니다. 아이 하나 하나의 꿈을 소중히 생각하고 밀어주는 ISB를 저는 ‘세상에서 가장 아름다운 커뮤니티 학교’라 자신있게 말하고 싶습니다.


Ringisai Campbell

“ISB was a really cozy school to grow up learning in, with a key focus on friendships and relationships. I used to love how the whole school came together to celebrate every students achievements making each and every one of us feel special”




Eva Clough

“Jim, Kelly, Jelita dulu senang bersekolah di ISB. Kebanyakan orang tua murid juga akrab satu sama lain”



I only spent a year at ISB but it was extremely formative in shaping my world view. It was such a lovely, warm and tight-knit community, with exceptional teachers and ambitious, interesting students. I vividly remember the thought-provoking classroom conversations and the afternoons in the playground. Seeing the career paths chosen by many of my classmates at the time, I can confidently say that it’s a school which inspires you to change the world.



Nikolas Baya (1999 – 2005)

Nik’s education at ISB shaped who he is today and his curiosity and drive to learn.  He was fortunate to have outstanding teachers in an environment that really did treat each child with respect for their individual potential.  ISB also was a keystone of the community, which only strengthened the childrens’ experiences and sense of belonging to this exciting international group of families further.  We still fondly talk about his year there.