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What do my school fees buy?
A truly international standard education with highly trained and experienced international teachers in every classroom. Our teachers regularly run professional development for other practitioners in the region and overseas. Our international student body is comprised of 22 nationalities, with English as the primary language spoken both inside and outside the classroom.

You also get:

  • A world-class school in the heart of Bogor in a safe, clean and green campus, providing a healthy environment with fresh air and open space.
  • Internationally recognised curriculum that celebrates cultural diversity and thinking skills for the future, taught using progressive 21st century educational methods.
  • Small class sizes in multi-aged grouping from preschool up to Grade 8 (2-14 years) allowing us to give personal, individualised attention to every student.
  • A strong focus on environmental and community service programs allowing us to make genuine connections with the local communities.

What is ISB’s  curriculum?
We use an Internationally recognised curriculum that celebrates cultural diversity and thinking skills for the future. We were the first school in Indonesia to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate Association to implement the Primary Years curriculum; recognized throughout the world. ISB is a member of the East Asian Regional Conference of Schools (EARCOS).

Who runs the school?
ISB is a Yayasan (non-profit organization) under Indonesian Law which requires us to have three tiers of Governance.

  • The Pengurus is our main Board of Directors (BoDs).  This is made up largely of parents who are either co-opted or parent elected.  The role of the BoDs is to Govern the School and to appoint and evaluate the manager of the school (the Head of School).  The BoD has governing authority to determine all policies, regulations, and other matters relevant to the operation of ISB.
  • The Pembina (Board of Trustees) is the over-arching Board, which is made up of previous parents and BoD’s of ISB.  The Pembina’s role is to maintain consistency and continuity with the strategic plan, and to ensure that new policies adhere to the by-laws, mission, vision and values of the school.
  • The Pengawas consists of appointed members from our Indonesian Community.  The role of the Pengawas is to be an observer of the governance process, regularly reporting between the Pengurus and the Pembina, while offering advice on Indonesian Law and protocols.

It is important to note that all 3 components of the ISB Yayasan work in unison to establish and monitor the school’s achievement of the Mission, Vision and Values.

At what age can a student join ISB?
Students can start as early as 2 years old. Our school levels run from early childhood learning up to Grade 8.

Where are your teachers from?
ISB prides itself on being the one true international school in Bogor because we have a highly qualified international teacher in every classroom. Our specialist teachers come from Indonesia and once again are highly qualified for their jobs. Our dedicated support staff are all locally hired.

Can I pay by installments?
ISB has a range of payment options from semester, term or even shorter periods if needed. Please contact us to discuss this.

What extra activities do you offer?
Our school offers a wide range of co-curricular and after school activities such as Mandarin language lessons, soccer clinics, horse riding, taekwondo, swimming, dance, art, music and the yearbook club. Offerings vary over the year and are considered an important way for students to develop a balanced school life. We are also part of international school associations and participate in sporting and social events with other neighbouring international schools.

What facilities do you have?
Our school has beautiful and bright purpose built classrooms; a well-stocked library and information centre; well maintained outdoor grassed sports and play areas; basketball and badminton court; a multipurpose hall; music and language rooms and a well equipped Information Technology lab. We also have a design and creative arts room; and, in keeping with our environmental focus, for our swimming program we utilise two private swimming pools in the neighborhood, thereby cutting down on use of water and chemicals. We have a school bus service where needed.