Why choose ISB?

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Why choose ISB?

Why choose ISB

Here are some reasons why ISB families value our school.

Highly qualified teachers:

ISB prides itself on being the one true international school in Bogor because we have a highly qualified international teacher in every classroom. All teachers have been selected for their high level teaching skills and wide range of experience in many different countries. Our teachers are leaders who regularly run professional development activities for other international and host country teachers both in this region and abroad. Your children are in safe and able hands.

A true international flavour:
We have a truly international community with up to 20 different nationalities in our classes. Our balance of local Indonesian students with our international students means everyone is exposed to a wide range of beliefs, customs and languages. Our curriculum is also a deliberate mix of English speaking curricula from around the world all integrated under the umbrella of IPC. English is also the language you will hear in our playground.

“ISB is truly a small school with a big heart.”
- Gibe, Grade 8
2013 Graduate

Our focus on going green:
ISB has a curriculum that recognises the importance of “green issues” and fosters environmental stewardship from an early age. Our school is a leader in developing units of inquiry that encourage study of key global issues and we are one of a handful of schools in Indonesia that runs a state of the art ozone monitoring station as part of an international confederacy of schools. ISB also has key links with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), an international organization in Bogor that explores the relationship between forests and climate change.

Multi Age classrooms:
The educational benefits of multi age classrooms are well researched. Standards improve when older students have a chance to mentor and teach concepts to younger children and in the process cement their own learning. Younger students in turn have wonderful role models in their older peers and are motivated to achieve higher.

Wonderful community spirit:

whyISB_familyWhen people leave our school the thing they miss most is ISB’s unique sense of community. Everyone agrees there is something special about our school – from our regular Friday assemblies where children and parents come together to watch student presentations, our Friday mini-market of organic vegetables, local coffee, potted plants and a variety of baked cakes and breads, to our many social functions where parents and staff put in a lot of creative time and effort.